Sticks & Stones is a Jewelry Brand based in Portland, OR

RSC Provided: Creative Direction, Social Media Strategy, Styled Photography, Website Design, and Retail Design

In rebranding Sticks & Stones, we placed the powerful feeling of wearing a “statement piece” in the forefront of all creative direction. Repositioning the brand, we targeted creative, successful, trend-setting, female and male clientele. We looked to high-end fashion for inspiration when designing the Sticks & Stones website. By styling the product against slate and crushed quartz, we created an environment which showcases the richness of the fine materials. With an online lookbook and product organized into seasonal collections, this context works to supports the price point of the brand. By creating a social media strategy and establishing the creative direction for product and lifestyle photography and styling, there is now a clear blueprint for the brand.

  • Categories:

    Brand, Content, Environment
  • Client:

    Sticks & Stones
  • Executed By:

    Room Service Creative
Stylish image for Sticks and Stones
Man in black and white wearing Sticks and Stones
Man wearing Sticks and Stones Jewelry
Sporty Lifestyle Image for Sticks and Stones