Revolution Design House designs and fabricates commercial and residential furniture

RSC Provided: Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Product Development, Website, Print Design, Styled Photography, and a Brand Video

We redefined the RDH brand to focus on calm, approachable sophistication and created collateral to reinforce this new direction. Writing their brand story, we focused on the significance of RDH products to their end users. At Revolution Design House we believe in the simplicity of good design, blending quality with comfort, and crafting meaningful experiences. Using authentic materials, we create furnishings that weave into the story of your life and stand the test of time in commercial, hospitality and residential spaces.

Our color consultations led to new colorways and expanded their offerings while remaining on brand. Exploring color within a monochromatic treatment allowed RDH to go bold while remaining serene. We applied a minimalistic aesthetic and calm tone to all touch points, from web design and styled photography, to print collateral. Collaborating with our partner nufolk, we created a brand video to add depth and story to the RDH online presence.

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    Brand, Content
  • Client:

    Revolution Design House
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    Room Service Creative