Bee’s Cakes is a new dessert company specializing in custom cakes

RSC provided: Brand Development, Logo Design, Website Design, Copywriting, and Styled Photography

We partnered with Bee’s Cakes to develop and design their brand. Bee’s new logo is brimming with pattern and delight and their dynamic mission inspires customers to “Celebrate More with Bee’s Cakes.”  By photographing Bee’s cakes in expansive closeups and playfully styled flatlays, the imagery embodies the brand’s celebratory slogan. Bee’s website reinforces themes of simple goodness and the ability to transform customer’s special occasions through joyful, sweet experiences. With an event calendar, food and beverage menu, and custom cake ordering form, Bee’s Cakes is up and running.

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    Brand, Content, Environment
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    Bee's Cakes
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    Room Service Creative